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J1962 - Defines the physical connector used for the OBD-II interface.

J1850 - Defines a serial data protocol. There are 2 variants- 10.4 kbit/s (single wire, VPW) and 41.6 Kbit/s (2 wires PWM). Mainly used by US manufacturers also known as PCI (Chrysler 10.4K) Class 2 (GM 10.4K) and SCP (Ford 41.6K).

J1978 - Defines minimal operating standards for OBD-II scan tools.

J1979 - Defines standards for diagnostic test modes.

J2012 - Defines standards trouble codes and definitions.

J2178-1 - Defines standards for network message header formats and physical address assignments.

J2178-2 - Gives data parameter definitions.

J2178-3 - Defines standards for network message frame IDs for single byte headers.

J2178-4 - Defines standards for network messages with three byte headers.

J2284-3 - Defines 500K CAN Physical and Data Link Layer.

J2411 - Describes the GMLAN (Single-Wire CAN) protocol, used in newer GM vehicles.Often accessible on the OBD connector as PIN 1 on newer GM vehicles.

J1939 - Defines a serial data protocol for heavy duty commercial vehicles.


ISO 9141: Road vehicles - Diagnostic systems. International Organization for Standardization, 1989.

    Part 1: Requirements for interchange of digital information

    Part 2: CARB requirements for interchange of digital information

    Part 3: Verification of the communication between vehicle and OBD II scan tool

ISO 11898: Road vehicles - Controller area network (CAN). International Organization for Standardization, 2003.

    Part 1: Data link layer and physical signalling

    Part 2: High-speed medium access unit

    Part 3: Low-speed, fault-tolerant medium-dependent interface

    Part 4: Time-triggered communication

ISO 14230: Road vehicles - Diagnostic systems - Keyword Protocol 2000, International Organization for Standardization 1999.

    Part 1: Physical layer

    Part 2: Data link layer

    Part 3: Application layer

    Part 4: Requirements for emission-related systems

ISO 15765: Road vehicles - Diagnostics on Controller Area Networks (CAN). International Organization for Standardization, 2004.

    Part 1: General information

    Part 2: Network layer services

    Part 3: Implementation of unified diagnostic services (UDS on CAN)

    Part 4: Requirements for emissions-related systems